DEREN Electronics was established in 1992 and mainly focus on the market for connectors & precision components that for Home Appliance, Consumer and Automotive Electronics, and Telematics Technology. DEREN was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock market in 2006. DEREN own group holding companies, Sino-foreign joint venture, overseas joint venture, overseas trading companies, and overseas sales and service branches.
  • Chairman Qiu Jianmin Was Invited to Attend the Research Symposium of Mayor Chen RuguiIn the afternoon of April 1st, 2019, Mr. Qiu Jianmin, Chairman of DEREN, was invited to attend the symposium for private enterprises in Shenzhen hosted by Mayor Chen Rugui. more+
  • 光明区人民检察院检察长李丽华一行莅临澳门皇冠开展“检察官进企业”活动2019年3月22日,深圳市光明区人民检察院检察长李丽华一行莅临澳门皇冠开展“检察官进企业”走访活动。 more+
  • 重庆市人大常委会副主任、党组副书记刘学普一行莅临澳门皇冠重庆工业园走访调研2019年3月20日,重庆市人大常委会副主任、党组副书记刘学普一行莅临澳门皇冠重庆工业园走访调研。 more+
  • 比亚迪为何“相中”璧山春节过后的重庆,重点产业领域迎来“开门红”——比亚迪年产20GWh动力电池产业项目及“云巴”项目,2月22日在璧山同时开工。作为比亚迪的重要合作伙伴,澳门皇冠主动牵线搭桥和不遗余力的推荐,对促成比亚迪项目落地有着重要影响。 more+